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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does wedding photography cost this much?

I am glad you asked! Proceeds from a wedding have to cover many costs. There is insurance, business licenses, TAXES (OMG), photography equipment (like cameras, flashes, strobes, memory cards and more), computer equipment, software licenses, vehicle payments, fuel and food costs, the list goes on! A typical wedding can be as much as 40-60 hours of labor divided between client meetings, time shooting, time corresponding, and time editing photos. Remember this is a very important investment and one that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Please make sure to hire reputable wedding vendors that are licensed and insured and have a great track record with their clients!


How many pictures will I get?

Great question! This depends entirely on the length of your wedding day as well as several other factors. To get the most out of your day you should put some time into the planning process and create a timeline that allows for pictures and special events throughout your day. Come to the venue prepared and having all of your garments, jewelry, flowers, and what nots with you. Delays in getting ready can seriously impact your day and how much we can get done prior to the ceremony. I don't typically give a guarantee on the number of images due to this. I can tell you an average wedding delivery is 600-1200 photos and sometimes more. The smaller amount being for the shorter wedding days and larger amount for weddings that included a second photographer.


How will I receive my photos?

Photos are delivered in a gorgeous online gallery. From the gallery you can download photos, order top quality prints, share to social media, and create favorites lists. I recommend downloading the full gallery once you have had a chance to look through all of the photos. All galleries are password protected and have a secure PIN number for downloads. You may request a USB drive for an additional cost of $45 dollars or you can provide your own and I will save to them and mail to you for no additional charge.


When will my wedding be delivered?

Typically weddings are completed within 6-8 weeks. I do post a limited amount of previews to social media soon after the wedding day for you to share while you wait. Early season edits may require less wait time than those in the later months due to the volume of weddings in the fall. Weddings are edited in the order of the date they occurred.

Still have questions? Please fill out my contact form and I will get in touch to answer your questions and/or set up a free consultation meeting.

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